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A2S offers detection solutions, Ex detector,signalling and control for your gas and flame applications: production units, warehouse, communities, refineries…

Signalisation ATEX

Flame and gas detection: reliable technologies that save lives

It goes without saying that the safety of your employees and your premises is the first priority of your business. Beyond the protection of property and people, you also need reassurance and peace of mind to complete all your projects, in prevention and maximum control of risks. The challenge, at all levels, must be perfectly accomplished. You need a proven partner, with a strong reputation and unfailing proximity.

The safety of your industrial activity is up to you. It also depends on us when it is necessary to guarantee you flawless protection and safety at all tests of your premises and your production tool.

A2S offers an exceptional range of flame and gas detection devices and volatile protection systems for all production levels and applications. Our solutions are integrated, scalable and economical. We also know how to meet the most specific needs based on our clients’ projects – which we consider to be partners.

Our customers are accompanied on a long course. We assist them as soon as they become aware of their need to analyze, define the functional perimeter, draft specifications, propose effective actions, deploy solutions, compliance and, above all, ensure a reliable and close-in SAV.

Each of our customers is well trained in the products and solutions we offer. These courses are general on the disciplines invested and ultras precise on the methods of use to adopt as effectively as possible the right behavioral reflexes in case of danger detection.

A2S gas and flame detection solutions ranges

Flame detector, gas detector, surveillance beacons, detection plants: our products come in several ranges to meet all types of configuration of your premises and human organization at the production site.

Fixed detectors

Fixed detectors continuously measure the concentration of gas in the presence of air. They are the primary pillars of any detection and protection facility. The options of fixed detectors are very numerous to respond as closely as possible to the topology constraints of the areas to be monitored.

In the range of fixed detectors are the optical flame detection devices. These are activated at the slightest suspicious radiation, for all types of flames generated by any type of fuel in reaction.

Wireless sensors

Toxic gases, explosive gases, asphyxiating gases, refrigerants: A2S wireless detectors protect individuals in all circumstances, on all types of terrain. Wireless technology allows the use of fixed devices, but also and above all mobile and personal to perfect the control of dangerous areas with volatile environments.

Main applications

Oil and Gas Industry – LPG – Natural Gas – Offshore Drilling – Petrochemical Industry – Agri-Food – Water Processing – Automotive Sector – Steel Production – Pharmaceutical Industry – Nuclear and Thermal Power Plants – Paper and Printing Industry – Commercial Buildings and Public Sites – Government and Army

Assistance and advice

Every institution is constantly confronted with obligations and questions about risk prevention, monitoring and monitoring.

When it comes to security, A2S accompanies you to analyze, propose actions, implement them, and verify their relevance and effectiveness.

To meet your needs, A2S offers advice and assistance services tailored to your needs.

We operate on several levels:

  • The Council by studying the obligations and needs of an institution
  • Assistance in implementing improvement actions
  • Updated procedures, guidelines and all risk assessments conducted in your institutions.

Our services tailored to your needs:

  • Explosion risk assessment
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Security organization study
  • Audit of safety signs
  • On-site support
  • Implementation of the prevention plan
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