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Discover our wide choice of switches developed to withstand severe conditions, such as: extreme temperatures, explosive zones, enhanced hygiene in the food industry or heavily clogged production areas. Some examples of our wide range of products: IP69 safety switch resistant to high pressure cleaner, sensor without contact insensitive to vibrations, IP68 pedal resistant to immersion, high-strength emergency stop for mining industry, IP66 offshore racing ends for marine environments.

Find here our range of switches for explosive atmospheres, certified ATEX and IECEx.

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Signalisation ATEX

Application domains

Security sensors:

EX safety sensors are used to monitor the position of sliding, swivelling or removable protectors.

The use of EX safety sensors is particularly advantageous in highly clogged environments, or when high hygiene conditions are to be met, due to their ease of maintenance. Another advantage is the possibility of a hidden assembly behind amagnetic materials.

The layout of work surfaces and storage areas can be done without edges that can hold dirt and without other cuts and protrusions necessary for operation. EX security sensors are also used for applications where an exact approach is not possible and require greater tolerances.

Interlocking devices

EX safety interlock devices ensure that sliding, swivelling or removable protectors such as grilles, hoods or doors cannot be opened until risky situations (e.g. inertia movements) are completed. This is done in coordination with the technical part of the control of a machine. Stop controllers or timed security relays monitor inertia or time sequences. These security interlock devices are also used where the opening of a protector exhibits an unauthorized intrusion into production processes.

Combined with door monitoring modules, EX safety interlock devices reach SIL 3 in accordance with EN 62061 or PL e according to EN ISO 13849-1 with proper monitoring system and correct wiring.

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