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A2S specializes in the design of high-quality fire detection systems for commercial and industrial applications. We offer analog, conventional, and wireless sensors coupled with systems, approved according to local standards and regulations around the world. Discover our full range of products by applications.

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A2S protects you from fire hazards

Fire Protection is always defined in a preventive framework around the analysis of occupational risks and the establishment of a strict human organization, with staff trained in the adoption of the right reflexes and good behaviors to be held when necessary.

Such a fire risk policy must be based on a strong partner, with standardized methods and a flawless reputation. A2S has a network of trained and qualified level 3 installers as defined in NFS 61-933 fire maintenance standard. We offer the best fire protection solutions to each of our customers, those of the manufacturer Esser by Honeywell, with world-renowned references and recognized for its reliability and scalability.

The scalability of a fire protection system is paramount in any facility, especially in high-risk areas. On the one hand, a scalable system offers you a guarantee of control of operational costs while offering you the opportunity to evolve towards the latest technologies in compliance with legal guidelines – constantly revised from year to year. Our systems are modular, easily expandable and maintainable in the best conditions.

Our firefighting systems are permanently controllable. It is easy to detect their actual wear and to carry out targeted replacements to maintain, independently, an installation at the top of its efficiency.

Phases of fire protection

An effective Fire Solution is a complete solution. It must provide answers that adapt easily and effectively to the specific constraints of the most regulated and demanding environments. Detection, automatic gas or water mist extinguishing, express smoke removal, safety lighting, fire extinguishers, safety plans, staff training and accountability: every link in the chain is paramount.


Fire Detection using fixed detectors connected to a power plant is the first link in the chain. The mesh of the structure to be protected must be perfect and operate continuously thanks to proven and resistant material, especially in areas dangerous to the volatile environment of flammable products. A detection system instantly starts all the processes that have been established. Its action is decisive and its reaction must be as early as possible by detecting the start of a fire.


As soon as flames and/or smoke are detected, its position is located and alerts to the affected persons are issued. Sirens and loudspeakers even if exposed must operate and escape routes must also remain visible even in the event of heavy smoke.


All fire protection devices must be activated in concert and without any failure: smoke removal, closing fire doors and extinguishing flames. Possible extinction systems are numerous: automatic in ceilings, manuals, fixed, portable, etc. The materials used to do this are also varied: water, solutions, powder and gas. Extinction systems to be implemented will vary depending on the types of activities of the production, storage and space units to be protected.


Finally, the evacuation of personnel in the event of a fire will be the subject of a carefully evaluated, implemented and regularly tested strategy so that everyone can easily and without panic find the safest path for their protection. The flow of people will be guided by appropriate safety lighting, up-to-date signage and compartmentalization of sensitive areas.

Main applications

Transportation – Industry – Hotels – Medical Facilities – Public Facilities – Office Buildings – Cultural and Historic Monuments

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