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The emergency lighting must be fully functional to ensure an efficient evacuation of people when needed.

A2S offers a range of emergency fixtures to meet every application and protect people’s lives and health.

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Safety SATI and non-SATI

BAES is the acronym for The Autonomous Security Lighting Block. It is a primary security device, especially in times of crisis, such as during a fire. The most important thing is to understand that a BAES is fully autonomous and that its eventual failure does not affect other safety lights. It must remain in operation even in the event of a power outage.

Commonly referred to as the “Emergency Block,” a BAES is a light source whose function is to illuminate and indicate exit paths to people in danger. A set of emergency lighting is required in any facility receiving the public, for emergency evacuation or failure of the main lighting.

A SATI Performance Autonomous Safety Lighting Block is a BAES equipped with an integrated automatic test system that meets the NF C 71-820 standard. This compliance is attested by the quality brand NF Performance SATI.

Even if a single stand-alone safety lighting block fails, depending on its location, the risk of an accident can be significant (e.g., stairwell). For this reason, regulations require that safety lighting be maintained and tested periodically. For example, the ability of stand-alone blocks to switch back (functional test) must be tested once a month.

A2S safety lights

True to its reputation as a designer of solutions for extreme and risky conditions, A2S equips all the industrial activities of its customers all over the world, regardless of the industry.

Our safety lights have a 5-year warranty, even if used in the worst conditions. They resist degradation, corrosion, humidity, dust, heat, cold. They are particularly used in high-risk industries with explosive atmospheres.

The strengths of BAES A2S

Our full range of projectors and fixtures uses LED technologies for extraordinary cost-effectiveness. They are suitable for all types of ATEX certified, Zone 1 and Zone 2 environments.

Flexible installation and low maintenance

Our emergency lighting is designed to save installation and maintenance. Their design is modular. For example, the power supply can be deported if installed in a hard-to-reach area. This modularity greatly facilitates the maintenance, control and maintenance of all key components of each device.

A very long lifespan

Our emergency lighting can work for 10 years, including in environments with complex weather conditions or in areas with explosive atmospheres. The thermal release of our LED solutions is controlled and operates at lower than average temperatures without sacrificing the light flow.

Products ready for modernization

The technical features of our safety fixtures adapt to traditional fluorescent lighting. This compatibility allows the replacement of the tubes with our LED technology and thus allows the modernization of a pre-existing system, without sacrificing the specific lighting requirements.

Lighting available even without power

In emergency and crisis situations, A2S safety lights are designed to work even when the power grid is unavailable. Battery operation when needed is even guaranteed: each BAES SATI regularly self-tests its battery to ensure it works when needed. It signals its malfunction if the battery is no longer reliable.

Security lighting blocks without automatic test function (STANDARD technology)

Tests are carried out manually by debugging each stand-alone block, or by cutting off the power supply area if the operation of the building allows. The test results are then manually carried over to the security register. In addition, a battery life test (1 hour) must be performed at least twice a year to verify that the battery capacity is in line with the assigned duration. All data in the security register must be kept. While the number of stand-alone safety lighting blocks is large, the manual testing process is extremely tedious and costs a lot.

Simplified operation through test automation (SATI Technology)

All ADR CGLine standalone blocks are equipped with the Automatic Testing Function (SATI). A microprocessor automatically monitors and controls all the device’s regulatory functions. Mandatory tests (functional and autonomy) are carried out automatically. Test results are displayed locally on the block by a state LED. A technical round ensures that the installation is working properly. Results must be recorded manually and kept in the security register.

Centralized management for better installation control

The CGLine Web-Controller management plant initiates the tests, displays the results centrally and keeps them in a computer security registry. This computer registry can be easily displayed and printed on demand. This function allows the operator to prove that all mandatory regulatory tests are carried out. This process ensures the operational safety of the building and frees the person responsible for his regulatory obligations.

BAES standards

BAEs must meet the following standards:

  • NF IN 60598-1 (2009).
    NF IN 60598-2-22 (2000).
    NF IN 62034 (2012).
    NF C 71-800 (2000) for evacuation BAES.
    NF C 71-801 (2000) for ambient BAES.
    NF C 71-805 (2000) for baEH homes.
    NF C 71-820 (1999) for BAES equipped with SATI technology.


Transportation Infrastructure – Agri-Food Industry – Water Treatment – Automotive Sector – Steel Production – Pharmaceutical Industry – Nuclear and Thermal Power Plants – Paper and Printing Industry – Commercial Buildings and Public Sites – Government and Army

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