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Directive 2014/34/UE

New ATEX directive from 2016 – Directive 2014/34/UE – (click to learn more about the Directive)

This new directive is a revision to 1994/9 / EC. It has been compulsory since April 20, 2016. Note that the 1994/9 EC is no longer in force since April 19, 2016. “Directive 2014/34 / EU sets the conditions for the manufacture and placing on the market of devices and protective systems intended for use in explosive atmospheres “.

What you must remember :

  • the CE declaration of conformity (European Community) becomes EU declaration (European Union) of conformity, which is a file made up of individual declarations of conformity concerned (to be kept for 10 years)
  • ditto for the EC examination certificate which becomes the EU examination certificate it is now compulsory for importers to mention their names and contact details on each product responsibilities related to the placing on the market of products are clarified and reinforced for manufacturers, importers and distributors
  • specific and clear marking of devices and systems, indicating their use in an explosive atmosphere, is also necessary
  • notification requirements of conformity assessment bodies are also strengthened and security controls are improved
  • the technological level existing during construction and the technical and economic imperatives will be more taken into account

The main requirements initially provided for by Directive 1994/9 / EC, and listed below, are still applicable.

To access the texts relating to French law:

    Decree No. 2015-799 of July 1, 2015 relating to risky products and equipment (Click on the link to view the decree)
    Order of July 1, 2015 relating to the bodies authorized to carry out conformity assessments and in-service monitoring operations for products and equipment at risk. Click on the link to consult the decree)

Directive 94/9/CE (ATEX 100A)

Since July 1, 2003, electrical equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres within the European Union must comply with this directive and follow the ATEX standard.

This directive sets "essential requirements" for safety manufacturers and imposes a classification of devices into groups and categories, distinguishing between gases and dust.

What you must remember :

  • its application to electrical and non-electrical equipment
  • the definition of worker health and safety requirements
  • consideration of all potential hazards from equipment
  • a single directive for mines and surface
  • the definition of the assessment procedures which leads to the affixing of the CE conformity marking

Directive 94/9/CE (ATEX 100A)

This directive requires users to apply a number of measures to ensure worker safety, including:
(No explosion risk assessment on their website)
- The classification of the various risk and signaling zones:
- Keeping a document on explosion protection
- The implementation of technical and organizational measures to prevent
- Comply with the selection criteria for electrical devices in the table below:

In terms of French law, the directives are transposed as follows:

    Decree 2002-1553 relating to the provisions concerning the prevention of explosions applicable to workplaces. 2 implementing decrees of July 8, 2003.
    Decree 2002-2554 relating to the provisions concerning the prevention of explosions to be observed by contracting authorities during the construction of workplaces. 1 implementing decree of July 28, 2003.
        Order of July 8, 2003 on the protection of workers likely to be exposed to an explosive atmosphere. (Click on the link to consult the decree).
        Order of July 28, 2003 relating to the installation conditions of electrical equipment in locations where explosive atmospheres can form. (Click on the link to consult the decree).

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